Is our government preparing a nuclear holocaust?

As part of the growing mass hysteria in the American/British mass media in preparation for WWIII, “60 Minutes CBS” has recently aired a segment, expressing outrage that Russia is not scared of the US warnings that Pentagon is ready to nuke Russia if it disobeys American orders.

It starts by bragging that the US is openly telling Russian people that it is preparing to nuke Russia or poison Russians with outlawed chemical WMDs:


Air-launched cruise missiles being loaded onto a long range B-52 bomber at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana.

David Martin: When you see it close up, it’s, it’s even bigger than you think it is.

Richard Clark: It is an impressive machine. About 185,000 pounds empty. But it’s built to carry weapons and gas.

Major General Richard Clark commands all of this country’s nuclear bombers.

David Martin: And these are the weapons?

Richard Clark: Yes sir. These are air-launch cruise missiles. It is the nuclear primary weapon for the B-52.

Clark told us these are training missiles so they are not armed with nuclear warheads.

A B-52 can carry 20 cruise missiles, six under each wing and eight in the bomb bay.

Richard Clark: So this is the rotary launcher. And it holds eight air-launched cruise missiles within the internal bomb bay of the B-52. It’s a tight fit but the way it works is the launcher rotates, allows the weapon to release and send it on its way.

David Martin: It looks like the chamber of a revolver.

Richard Clark: Same idea. Just much bigger bullets.

As the most visible arm of the American nuclear arsenal these bombers are meant to send a message to an international audience.

Richard Clark: We can put this aircraft anywhere we want, anytime we want and both our allies and our adversaries take note.  

David Martin: This is basically a nuclear show-and-tell?

Richard Clark: It’s not just a show-and-tell because it will deliver.


CBS then proceeds to discuss the issue of Crimea, a Russian province that was taken away from Russia in 1955 by Stalin’s bloody Communist henchman Khrushchev and given as a “gift” to the Ukraine, and re-annexed by Russia right after the bloody Maidan revolution in the spring of 2014 that threatened the predominantly Russian residents of Crimea.

In the context of talking about the Russian takeover of Crimea, CBS showed General Phillip Breedlove, the former supreme NATO commander in Europe, saying:

Within the last two years B-52s have begun sending that message directly to Russia, flying missions not seen since the Cold War. It started after Vladimir Putin changed history by invading an independent country, Ukraine, and seizing its Republic of Crimea.

Phillip Breedlove: The fact that military force would be used to change an internationally recognized border in the central part of Europe that was new.

Now retired, General Phillip Breedlove was the supreme Allied commander in Europe when Russia took over Crimea. The invasion was carried out by so-called little green men – Russian soldiers wearing uniforms without insignia – but looming in the background were nuclear weapons.

Phillip Breedlove> The fact that military force would be used to change an internationally recognized border in the central part of Europe that was new.

CBS meant it to refer to Crimea. However we all know that changing an internationally recognized border in the central part of Europe is NOT new. This practice was pioneered by NATO back in 1999 when it bombed Serbia and changed its internationally recognized border by stealing Kosovo.

Moreover, Russia used no deadly force in its Crimea takeover, as it was peaceful and there were no casualties. As opposed to NATO’s aggression on Serbia, which was highly violent and included numerous war crimes, such as the intentional bombing of the Yugoslav TV headquarters, the destruction of a Serb passenger train, and even the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade – an act of war against China – that killed 3 Chinese journalists.
Surely, as the former supreme NATO commander in Europe, Mr. Breedlove must be aware of the Kosovo campaign. Which leads us to 3 possibilities:
1. Mr. Breedlove is lying that “the fact that military force would be used in Crimea to change an internationally recognized border in the central part of Europe that was new”.
2. Mr. Breedlove suffers from dementia and doesn’t remember Kosovo.
3. CBS put his words in the wrong context, as Mr. Breedlove (btw, a beautiful name!) surely was not talking about Russia but was condemning NATO’s crimes in Kosovo.

Which is it?

Next “60 Minutes” addressed the issue of pre-emptive nuclear strikes. Plans for first strikes against Russia and other foreign countries have traditionally been the backbone of the American military doctrine, for example:


But “60 Minutes” claims that 3 years ago Russia adopted the same doctrine:

David Martin: Was there ever any indication that Vladimir Putin was prepared to use his nuclear weapons in any way?

Phillip Breedlove: Vladimir Putin said himself that he would considered raising the alert status of his nuclear force.

David Martin: He had considered it?

Phillip Breedlove: He said it himself.

Putin said he had given an order to his military to be prepared to increase the readiness of his nuclear forces if the U.S. and NATO tried to block his takeover of Crimea. “We were not looking for a fight,” Putin said in this interview. But “we were ready for the worst-case scenario.”

Phillip Breedlove: They see nuclear weapons as a normal extension of a conventional conflict.

David Martin: So to them nuclear war is not unthinkable?

Phillip Breedlove: I think to them the use of nuclear weapons is not unthinkable.

It says so in their military doctrine, signed by Putin in 2014, Russia “…shall reserve the right to use nuclear weapons . . . in the event of aggression . . . When the very existence of the state is in jeopardy.” 

CBS and General Breedlove are outraged that Russia is imitating the United States. Evidently, they believe that the international law mandates that only the USA has the right to use nukes. Does the US have the exclusive international patent for nuking other countries? Well, the USA is indeed the only country on Earth that has used nukes to slaughter people, having done so back in 1945 against Japanese civilians. But there is absolutely no patent. And therefore Russia does have a right to respond to the American plans for a first strike against Russia, and it does have a full right “to be prepared to increase the readiness of its nuclear forcesin the event of aggression.

However, the US government doesn’t think so, and in response to Russia saying that “Russia shall reserve the right to use nuclear weapons in the event of aggression, when the very existence of the state is in jeopardy”, the US government decided to hasten the nuclear holocaust by directly intimidating Russians with the American ability to nuke and gas the Russian nation  into the oblivion:

And the U.S. responded with more aggressive exercises of its own. One year after Crimea four B-52s flew up over the North Pole and North Sea on an exercise called polar growl the B-52s were unarmed but that little fin on the side of the fuselage identified them as capable of carrying nuclear weapons.

Hans Kristensen: What I plotted here are the two routes for these planes.

Hans Kristensen, director of the nuclear information project at the federation of American scientists, used Google Earth to show us the message that sent Russia.

Hans Kristensen: Each bomber can carry 20 cruise missiles a maximum of them so we’re talking about potentially 80 cruise missiles that could have been launched against targets inside Russia at this particular time.

Using the cruise missiles range of 1500 miles, Kristensen plotted his own hypothetical lines showing how far they could potentially reach into Russia.

David Martin: And the end points of those red lines?

Hans Kristensen: Yes, each of them go to a facility in Russia that could be a potential target for nuclear weapons.

David Martin: The Russians would look at that and see it as a dry run for an attack on targets inside Russia.

Richard Clark: I guess they can draw the conclusions that they need to draw.

David Martin: Eighty cruise missiles in your face.

Richard Clark: It’s a lot of fire power.

David Martin: Was that the message?

Richard Clark: That’s a message for sure.

The last time American nuclear bombers flew a mission like that was during the Cold War.

Richard Clark: This was a significant exercise for us. We’re training the way we might have to fight.

It was an unmistakable warningbut Rear Admiral Steve Parode says there’s no indication the Russian military has changed its thinking about nuclear weapons.


Of course, the concept of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) is still in force, and after the US launches its nuclear strike on Russia, Russia defense forces will assuredly cover the US territory with nukes, killing virtually all of us, average Americans.

However, evidently, the US politicians, the media, and the military-industrial complex believe that they will be able to save their own asses in some kind of bomb shelters, so they really don’t care that all the average Americans die, and the Earth will become uninhabitable for the next million years. Or, maybe, the American elite believe the recent promises by Boeing and Musk to colonize Mars within 10 years (if they ever figure out how to prevent their rockets from exploding on the launchpad), and hope to escape the nuclear holocaust by flying to Mars.


Of course, these modern Dr. Strangeloves are crazy. They will die too. But it is time for the American public to wake up and stop this unprecedented anti-Russian war hysteria that we are witnessing this year from the American agitprop machine. The first steps in this escalation of war hysteria  started back in mid-1990s with NATO’s Drang nach Osten (eastward expansion), aimed at scaring and provoking average Russians into responding and reincarnating the Cold war, and has been snowballing since then into what is now a truly scary situation.

The reader is encouraged to watch and read the rest of CBS piece. I will finish here by quoting its last paragraph:

Cecil Haney: It concerns me that Russia has a lot of nuclear weapons. It concerns me that Russia has behaved badly on the international stage. And it concerns me that we have leadership in Russia, at various levels that would flagrantly talk about the use of a nuclear weapon in this 21st century.

In other words, the US military and media elites deeply believe that the United States has the monopoly to flagrantly talk about the use of a nuclear weapon in this 21st century.  And this may mean death to all of us.


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