Foreign policy

I would like to share my opinions about the bias and double standards in the US foreign policy and the US media. But it is such a long and complicated subject, and I have so little time per day to write about it, that I am afraid to start. So, maybe I can write a little bit per day…

When we emigrated to the USA in the 1970s, I (like most from our circles) admired the US and its foreign policy. The US politicians seemed to be “the good guys”, and Soviets – bad guys, who were causing troubles all over the world. I can’t say that I blindly believed everything I read in the US media, but I was definitely idealizing it.

And then came Gorbachev, and the Soviet rule became much more humane. And then in 1991 the Soviet rule fell, and Russia became a “normal” country.

My first serious doubts about the US foreign policy came in 1995 or so. For one thing, the USA insisted to expand NATO east, to Czechia, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary. I couldn’t understand this. If Russia is no longer “bad guys”, why provoke it? Why is it so necessary for the USA and NATO? This was definitely to be seen by average Russians as a hostile act, a threat. I was afraid that this threat would prompt Russians to elect an extremist (left- or right- wing) to presidency. And I hated this idea. And I thought it was insane for the USA: to antagonize Russia, to see Russia elect and extremist, and thus to return to the Cold War. It was like a self-fulfilling doomsday prophecy: to expand NATO because “Russia cannot be trusted and can return to dictatorship any day”, to have Russians elect a dictator, and then to say: “See? We told you that Russia cannot be trusted?”.

And I wasn’t alone. I am a libertarian, and the Libertarian party of the USA also felt that way. Let me point to a couple relevant articles from the libertarian Cato Institute on this subject, written around 1996:

And here is a full catalog of Cato commentaries on the issue of NATO (page 10 of 10):

(to be continued)


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