> If you’re not going to read and

> If you’re not going to read and fairly comment on our content, you won’t be permitted to comment.

No problem, Kim. I have accomplished what I want: show you how utterly stupid and laughable are your claims that Sharapova’s constant first and second place victories in various Grand Slam tournaments  are all “pathetic and fraudulent”. Given your hysterical reaction to my comment, I really hit the spot here.

If you are too ashamed to display my comment (which, btw, is perfectly polite), then you should definitely delete/alter it. The health of your wounded inferiority complex is too important to ignore.  It doesn’t really matter to me, because very few people read your blog.

On the other hand, given that the only people who read your posts are Bogdan. Bohdan, MCC, Ming, Stiff and I, by losing me, you will cut your readership by 16%. I also happen to be the only non-simpleton who comments on your pages. In other words, your intolerance to criticism has run your blog into the ground and will continue doing so.


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