Excellent post, Kim!

Excellent post, Kim. You are back to your form from the distant past. I   agree with you that reaching the French Open final is a horrible embarrassment   for Russia.

Blasting Sharapova for winning Grand Slam titles and/or being the runner-up   is your hallmark. But I still think that your funniest post back from 2008   when you used your unique mind to interpret Maria’s victory in the Australian   Open as humiliation to… no, not you…to Maria. I kid the reader not. Here it   is:


Annals of Russian Horror and Shame: An Australian Open Recap

Well, let’s see now, how did the Russian contingent do at the year’s first grand slam tournament, the Australian Open down under? Humiliation, as usual, of course.

Maria Sharapova … pathetic … Russian slaughter … desperate … another amazing run of sheer dumb luck …

Surely the luckiest human being on Earth, based on her draw Sharapova by all rights should have had to face world #1 Justine Henin… .[Maria] winning a freakishly lop-sided victory against Henin that no knowledgable fan could attribute to Sharapova’s skill.

Yuri Sharapov is no doubt bitter from so many years of such spectacular failure by his daughter

Oh yes, Kim, nothing makes a man more bitter than a spectacular Grand Slam victory from his daughter.

And yes, the fact that Maria got to play the world #1 player is fraud on her part.

And yes, Maria’s crushing of this world #1 player Henin cannot be attributed to her skill. She clearly bribed Henin promising to pay her 5 rubles.

And one more thing, the runner-up was a (so hated by Kim) Serbian, and so   was another semifinalist.

That was an immortal classic post, Kim, the one that all others will be   measured by.


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