>  … little boy.Your parents didn’t tell you

> … little boy.

Your parents didn’t tell you how to behave like a grown-up, little girl?

> as if he were speaking on behalf of Vladimir Putin. And who is to say he is not?

> Are you sure you speak for him on that score?

Wait. You think that Adomanis speaks on behalf of Vladimir Putin, and I speak on behalf of Adomanis?

What kind of a paranoid cretin would think that one blogger speaks for another blogger, who, in turn, speaks for Putin? You suffer from the same paranoid schizophrenia as Stalin.

> Finally, if you’re saying that Mark doesn’t care that his his content contains grossly misleading information

Where did I say that? You constantly ascribe to others your own thoughts and desires.

> Second, we published an extensive interview with Mark on La Russophobe and it contains nearly 100 comments.

I am sure it did. Mark attracts a following.

> Sorry you missed it.

Why would you conclude that I “missed” it? Actually, I vaguely recall seeing it before. But thanks for re-posting the link. I greatly enjoyed the first couple of lines:

> Mark Adomanis blogs about Russia on the same True/Slant website that also publishes one of our favorite Russia bloggers, Julia Ioffe.

It also points to your other post:

> Interview: Julia Ioffe at the New Yorker

Is that the same Julia Ioffe that you hate and envy so much now? Same as with Navalny, who used to be a “hero” after your heart. You are not a good judge of character, are you?

> And if you look at the comments on Mark’s blog item, you’ll see they agree as well.

Well, that whole subject of comparing Russia and Nigeria is a loser. By virtue of comparing them, Mark admits that those two are easy to mistake for each other.

> Blogs who can say the same are few and far between (yours certainly isn’t among them)
> Third, you obviously don’t really understand the meaning of the term “empty.” For clarification, check out your own blog!

Sure, I get only an average of 30 to 40 pageviews per day (some from Mark Adomanis, btw). But blogging is my new hobby (and not a big one) and I have been at it for only 4 months. I have a real profession. I am a mathematician. You, on the other hand, are a professional blogger. You used to be paid good money by a think tank (Jamesetown?) for your attacks on Masha Sharapova.

> In terms of visitation and comment traffic, this blog is in the upper echelons of all blogs on the planet.

Oh, your old blog – La Russophobe – was quite successful. You made it into the top 1 million blogs on the entire planet. But then the novelty of your Zhirinovsky-style clown attacks on Russian food, Russian tennis players, cyclists and other athletes, wore off, and your sponsor told you to abandon your blog and never use that name again.

Look at your fans now: 2 Bohdans, Ming and McUSA. Four people. And Minsky once in a while. Not much, given that the first four are brain-dead.

> We have more than 1,000 followers there now, placing us in the top 5% of all Twitter users worldwide.

I have little interest in Twitter, but since there are 140 million users, that places you in the top 7 million users.

And notice the constant use of the word “we” in all your comments. Either you suffer from tapeworms, the use of “we” indicates that there is a whole team of losers still working for your blog/twitter. And you guys are less popular than 7 million individual twitters? Am I supposed to be impressed? Are any of your moms?

> The small sample of posts currently displayed on our home page contain nearly 150 comments.

I have no idea what you are talking about. Other than constant idiotic personal insults between Steifschwanz and McUSA and post-menopausal senility raves by Ming and Bohdan, none containing any substance, I have seen almost no comments in this blog.

> Blogs who can say the same are few and far between

Tell me, what is your blog’s ranking in terms of pageviews for year 2013 to date? Are you among the top 10 million blogs?

> And if you look at the comments on Mark’s blog item, you’ll see they agree as well.

If that’s the case, that proves that Mark is mature enough to allow criticism. You, on the other hand, delete almost half of my comments and even have threatened several times to ban me under idiotic pretexts.

Think about it: if you didn’t delete criticism, you may have had much more traffic on your blog. Controversy attracts readers. Monotonicity and uniformity of thought don’t.

> They universally mock Mark for his content on this subject.

You again show your reading comprehension or word understanding disability: there is no “universal mockery” for Mark. For example, several commenters , sadly, mock the opposition instead of Mark.

> Good luck finding 100 edited articles about Russia by Adomanis, little boy.

Possibly, but:

He is at least 2 times younger than you.

He has been blogging maybe 3 times less time.

He is moving up, while you – down.

Unlike you, he gets published at nationally and even internationally visible media powerhouses like the Forbes. You, on the other hand, became famous notorious as a housewife boob that wrote and published raving mad letters to the Johnson List and to the New York Times complaining that they had dissed you by ignoring your letters to the editor, and your demands that JL hire you as a paid “expert” on Russia. Demanding a person to hire you after you had published


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  1. mingthemerciless
    Posted 31 May 2013 at 8:49 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Well, Rotten Booger, you have ONE follower…

    OK, come on over at Alan Ratbastard’s…of a wordprees blog too, but at least you can post pictures,
    which you seem to enjoy…Let’s see what you can come up with( I’m CaptnMorgan-Henry Morgan, Hussein Soetoro Obama and Zog.Mossad)

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