Dear Kim, I am glad to see that

Dear Kim, I am glad to see that you find nothing mentally wrong in Ming’s rants against libertarians:

Neo-nazism, anti-semitism mixed with extreme stupidity!!!  MORONS  …the Pauliac is a RINO fraud… libtardian!”

Nor do you find anything mentally unusual in this antisemitic rant:

mingthemerciless ⋅
April 5, 2013 at 7:18 pm

Now Vlad Rotten Booger is the apologist for Vlad “Adolf Hitler” Zhirinofsky…another Pauliac going the nazi route… Vlad Zeezee is to Vlad Pooty Poot what the Norks are to the Chingchangchongs, a puppet for the dwarfist pedophile trial balloons…After this Poot Poot action,

you are left wondering if indeed Hitler was not really an homosexual Jew, after all.. pappy Alois Shickelgruber-Hitler bragged all his life of receiving a pension from his Jewish real father? .. one for sure for the nazi party of Alfred Rosenberg, their nazi original ideologist…(another Jew, this one!)



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