American benevolence

dolly538: What I mean to say is: If the U.S. conquered the world, everyone would live happily.
But if Russia conquered the world, misery would prevail. So that is why I have no problem with 200 U.S. bases, but I have a big problem with even 1 Russian base.

Dolly, I fully understand your messianic mindset. I too grew up in a country – USSR – where children were brainwashed into thinking that their country’s ideology had the moral superiority to all others and that it was their duty to spread this ideology all over the World in order to bring happiness to the World. It all sounded so enticing: equality, brotherhood, end to exploitation, workers’ paradise… But all it did was spread misery to Eastern Europe and chaos and death to Afghanistan. Because the Afghanis have their own messianic ideology – Islamic fundamentalism – and resisted the Communist idealism.

In the Middle Ages, Crusaders were on a mission to spread the peaceful words of Christ (as interpreted by the Popes in Rome) to those lost Muslim, Jewish and Greek Christian soles. What can be loftier than spreading Christian ideas – turn the other cheek! walk on water! throw merchants out of temples!? And yet, the Jews, the Muslims and the Greek Christians didn’t accept it. So, the Crusaders simply had no choice but to slaughter, rape and pillage them all.

Even in our days, the American messianic exceptionalism is not the only ideology that wants to dominate the World. The otehr is Islamic fundamentalism. Its ideals seem as lofty to the Muslims as the American ideals to Americans: the true word of God the allmighty, high morality, respect for elders, love for thy Muslim neighbour.

We, Americans, think that our way of life – fair elections, freedom of speech as long as it is politically correct, rule of lobbyists, putting god on our money and denying evolution, militarism and robbing taxpayers for the sake of military and oil companies, prison-industrial complex, total ignorance and scorn of foreign music, film and literature, disdain towards primary and secondary science education, institutionalized monopoly of the two major parties and the crushing of all third parties – is the only right way to live for Humankind. Americans look at democratic countries (Europe, Israel) with multi-party systems with disdain: “They eat frogs, snails and fish eggs! They smoke pot! Yuk!”

What the American and Muslim fundamnestalsits don’t understand is that not all people and peoples are ready to embrface their ideology. In fact, the two ideologies are clashing with each other. Islam has made no in-roads into the American culture, and the Americansm has made little headway into Muslim countries. Just like the Crusaders, Vakhabists and Americanists terrorise each other, kill each other by the thousadns, destroy indivdual countries and entire regions, not understanding that murder and violence is not a good way of advertizing one’s ideals, no matter how lofty they are.

You cannot promote free speech by shutting up your opponents. You can’t promote peace through aggression and mayhem.


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