Free French fries!

Freedom fries was a euphemism for French fries used by some conservatives in the US as a result of anti-French hysteria in the United States during the international debate over the 2003 invasion of Iraq., to which France expressed strong opposition in the UN. The French position was met with hatred in the US, leading to campaigns for boycotting French goods and businesses.

The US Congress declared that all references to French fries and French toast on the menus of the restaurants and snack bars in the House of Representatives be removed. House cafeterias were ordered to rename French fries to “freedom fries”. The simultaneous renaming of French toast to “freedom toast” attracted less attention.

The Embassy of France made no comment beyond pointing out that French fries probably come from Belgium. “We are at a very serious moment dealing with very serious issues and we are not focusing on the name you give to potatoes,” said embassy spokeswoman.

Full article here:


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