China to reverse engineer Russian fighter planes – Китай – обра́тная сухая разрабо́тка российского оружия

China-Russia arms deals are political for Cold War partnership

Posted by chankaiyee2 ⋅ March 31, 2013 ⋅ 2 Comments

Обратная разработка (обратный инжиниринг, реверс-инжиниринг; англ. reverse engineering)

There have been reports that the Russian military worries that providing China with advanced weapons may threaten Russian security. At the same time, Russian military industry circles worry that China may steal Russian technology by reverse engineering.

However, Russian President Vladimir Putin insists that there should be the arms deals. Why? For the sake of Sino-Russian Cold War partnership against the US. China’s Chinese Communist Party (CCP) autocracy and Russian Putin autocracies may in essence support each other while the US pivot to Asia constitutes a threat to both China and Russia.

An authoritative source confirms that the number of purchases in the agreement is 24 and China does not request any technological transfer, including 117S engines.

Informed sources say that China hopes to purchase the Su-35 because the IRBIS-E passive phase array radar and 117S engine Su-35 uses are the most advanced equipment in the world.”

That was the first time that the most authoritative Russian military industry top management confirmed that Sino-Russian military cooperation would be greatly enhanced and regarded the purchase of Su-35 as a new wave of purchase.

The source says: “At present, there are talks on specific technological details and prices; therefore, we have to prepare a formal contract, which maybe will be signed at the end of 2013. Intensive talks are being carried out mainly on what weapon system China needs.”

The journal’s analysts believe there is a fairly great possibility that China will sign the final purchase contract because the Su-35 issue is first of all a political decision. A Russian source stressed: “All arms deals, especially major arms deals are political decisions.”

The Chinese military has already entered the era of attaching great importance to static and strategic air force. Due to causes of military technology, the Chinese air force needs a fourth-generation engine like the 117S. With it, the J-20 fighter jet under development will have supersonic cruise capability and be upgraded as a standard fifth-generation fighter.


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