@ Bohdan:

> Your stupidity knows no bounds comrade Rotten burro (Mexican for donkey), especially so if you make a stupid remark like “The Germans killed tens of millions of foreign civilians.”  Now instead of lying – as you usually do – give us facts…

Everybody, except for Holocaust denying neo-nazis like you, Boo-dung (English for “shit”), knows these numbers:

World War II casualties
From Wikipedia

Jews – estimates for Holocaust deaths range between 4.9 to 6.0 million Jews.
Roma – most estimates of Roma (Gypsies) victims range from 130,000 to 500,000.
Handicapped persons – 200,000 to 250,000 handicapped persons were killed
Prisoners of War: POW deaths in Nazi captivity totaled 3.1 million[65] including 2.6 to 3 million Soviet prisoners of war.
Ethnic Poles: 1.8 to 1.9 million ethnic Polish civilians were victims during the German occupation [67]

Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians   – According to Nazi ideology, Slavs were useless sub-humans. Bohdan Wytwycky wrote that civilian losses of 3.0 million Ukrainians and 1.4 million Belarusians “were racially motivated”.[70][71]  Soviet author Georgiy A. Kumanev put the civilian death toll in the Nazi-occupied USSR at 8.2 million (4.0 million Ukrainians, 2.5 million Belarusians, and 1.7 million Russians).[74] A report published by the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1995 put the death toll due to the German occupation at 13.7 million civilians (including Jews): 7.4 million victims of Nazi genocide and reprisals; 2.2 million persons deported to Germany for forced labor; and 4.1 million famine and disease deaths in occupied territory.

Human losses of World War II by country
Yugoslavia   581,000
France     350,000
Greece      300,000
Belgium     75,900

> … to support where you got those propaganda figures from, you untermensch American Ozark mountains communist redneck.

I am a libertarian, live in Palo Alto, California, and have a PhD from Stanford. You, on the other hand, are a self-admitted and unapologetic bigoted Nazi-loving Holocaust-denying racist, devoted to the theory of racial superiority, forgetting what Hitler had done to your kind, Ukrainians and gays. If you came under Nazi occupation, you would have perished just like we, Jews, perished:

World War II casualties
From Wikipedia
According to Nazi ideology, Slavs were useless sub-humans. Civilian losses of 3.0 million Ukrainians “were racially motivated”
Homosexuals: 10,000–15,000 gay men perished in Nazi concentration camps.[77]


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    In honor of Vlad correctly pointing out that the correct work for dog fear is Cynophobia – the root being Kginoi, let’s consider another word derived from dog – Cynic from the root word meaning dog-like, originally an insult to describe the extreme asceticism (or disdain of property and possessions) of Diogenes and the like.

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