La Hypocrite

If you wonder what pro-Putin and anti-American disinformation in Russia is like but don’t know Russian – don-t worry. You can experience it simply by reading Ms. Kim Zigfeld, who employs the classic methods of the Soviet-era propaganda, only taken to a grotesque length. The current article is an example of that.

Recently Kim almost exploded from indignation when her Russian counterpart – Pavel Astakhov – rushed to judgement in accusing Laura Shatto of murder of one of her sons adopted from Russia.

> But you are DEFENDING Astakhov, who rushed to judgment.
>Lies, all lies.
> THERE IS NO PROOF that the mother harmed him AT ALL.

Yet for many years not only she but even leading russophobes have falsely accused Putin of various murders without a shred of proof. I pointed this hypocrisy out to Kim:

> Both you/Krauthammer and Astakhov are wrong in you rush to judgement. I am saying that it is height of hypocrisy to accuse Astakhov of pre-judging the Texas death incident, while wildly accusing Putin of crimes that he didn’t commit, like the murder of Klebnikov and the poisoning of Yushchenko.

However, in her article yesterday, Kim returned to her wild accusations ways:

> “gypsy” of the type routinely lynched on the Moscow subways.

Neither “gypsies” nor anybody else get lynched on the Moscow subways, which are the cleanest  most beautiful and safest in the world, with trains running every minute in rush hour and every 2 minutes otherwise. Unlike New York, there has ever been any crime in Moscow subways. And the hate-base murder in Russia, significant in 2008, decreased 5-fold under President Medvedev and remains low under Putin-part-2.

> Women have long been a thorn in Putin’s side. Recall Galina Starovoitova, the firebrand parliamentarian who was the leading opposition voice when Putin took over the KGB. She was soon thereafter shot and killed.

The people who killed Galina Starovoitova are now in prison, they once said that they were hired by some creepy Zhirinovsky lieutenant, but their real motive was, most likely, regular robbery. That day Starovoitova was carrying $300-600 thousand dollars of campaign money in cash from Moscow to the St. Petersburg headquarters of her party. Unfortunately, her assistant was a greedy creep and kept on updating her itinerary to the other robbers, who killed her and took the money. Since Putin controls $trillions in assets, it is hard to believe that he would order a hit on a woman for $300 000 that he would have to split with 4 or 5 other people. 

> Then there were journalists Anna Politkovskaya and Anastasia Baburova, and human rights activist Natalia Estemirova, who fearlessly shone light on Putin’s atrocities in Chechnya. Likewise, all three were soon murdered. 

> Many women (Starovoitova, Politkovskaya, Estemirova) have been killed for speaking out against Putin

Did they? AFAIK, not only did Starovoytova not speak out against Putin in any firm way, but her party was behind Putin’s selection as Prime Minister under Yeltsin in the first place, and then for his election as President.

The man, who killed Politkovskaya, is in prison. According to him and to much other evidence, he was hired by members of the most powerful mafia in Russia – the Chechen mafia, whose activity Politkovskaya was exposing at  that moment. 

The murderer of Anastasia Baburova and Stanislav Markelov is also in prison, also serving life sentence. Again, there are numerous versions as to who paid him to kill those two, but none are related to Putin. Baburova was an expert on neo-nazis and had received several threats from them.

Natalia Estemirova was kidnapped and then murdered in Chechnya, according to a centuries-long Chechen tradition. It is not impossible that the man behind this murder is Ramzan Kadyrov, Putin’s appointee to run Chechnya, but there is no hard evidence against him.

> They get no support from Washington, D.C., however.

The idea that Washington, D.C, should be involved in the campaign against domestic violence in Russian families is as idiotic as the idea that the Kremlin should be involved in the campaign against domestic violence in American families

> Meanwhile, he has talked about “reset,” which has in practice meant “appeasement,” and has turned a blind eye to all manner of human rights atrocities at all levels of society in Russia.

For the American government to use Russian domestic issues as an excuse for a new Cold War with Russia is even more idiotic than, say, for the Russian government to use American crimes against humanity in Guantanamo as an excuse for a new Cold War with the USA.

> I also resent your comment about “russophobe” when you obviously have not read the definition of the term published on my blog

It is no longer you blog, Kim. It is dead. You ran it into the ground, and your former Jamestown bosses fired you and ordered you never to post to it again. I wonder what reason they gave you for this punishment… When an organization, that employs master propagandists and provocateurs like Socor, deals so harshly with a recipient of their money, speculations arise.


  1. mingthemerciless
    Posted 15 March 2013 at 4:37 am | Permalink | Reply

    Rottenbooger, you are an imbecile of epic proportions…actually, you dont seem to know if you are coming or going…which dont matter as such an idiot as yourself is not going anywhere anyway! To make yourself a mouthpiece for the pedophiliac dwarf Pooty Poot Poutine just show how stupid you are…carry on, give us also an apology for the monkey Chavez, Pol Pot, Castro and Gaddafi…(dont forget socialist Hitler!)

    • Posted 15 March 2013 at 8:01 am | Permalink | Reply

      Ming, isn’t it wonderful that the internet has become so simple that even people with severe mental handicaps can use it?

      BTW, why have you been banned from “Fuckfrance”?
      Look who’s Ass Ange’s boss, KGB agent Israel Shamir, Aka Joran Jermas, Adam Ermash, Vassili Krasevsky, and Robert David…
      A colleague of Evgeni “Anti-Virus” Kaspersky and employee of Pooty Poot Poutine…and a rabid neo-nazi just like Alan here!
      Mess of Hideous Poutine…Cheese curds, french fries and BBQue sauce,
      Cant wait for the mess when these assholes
      fight OUR asshole, the jigaboo O’Bummer!
      This user has been banned permanently
      Member Status
      1108 total
      10.97 per day
      Looking for personal information regarding CaptainMorgan aka JFrom
      CaptainMorgan is interfering in some people life. Not mine though.
      I have collected some testimonies. This guy is pretty fucked up. If FFrance fails to keep him banned, I guess we should move on and take every available action to make him stop.
      Captain, I don’t know yet who you are but be sure I will pretty soon. And I DO like when it turns nasty

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