I wrote:

> >And my pageview numbers are going up and up.  How about you? How many different IP addresses visited your blog in the past month, compared with, say, 5 years ago?

Kim replied according to her reading comprehension level:

> Are you deranged? La Russophobe has published more than 60,000 comments so far and received more than 3 million visits. Take your head out of your butt.

Exactly my point. At its height the “larussopobe.wordpress.com” blog was getting lots of traffic. It was among the top one million most visited blogs in the entire USA. It had several people working full time, paid with the American taxpayer money. And then the ratings collapsed. The old “I hate Masha Sharapova and her kin!”  schtick got too familiar and predictable. The funding was cut-off, and the order came to abandon the “larussopobe.wordpress.com” name and never to use it again.  And now you get a tiny fraction of the traffic that you were, say, 4 years ago, Kim, right?

> And stop trying to advertise on our blog. Keep it up and you’ll be banned.

What choice do I have if you keep deleting my comments, even though they are polite? I have to publish them on my blog and point your readers to them.

If you don’t hate hate the freedom of speech, why would you delete my comments?


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