I am glad to see you blasting Putin’s internal policies and scumbags like Astakhov, but come on, learn something about the international relations, maybe read some Cato Institute publications.

> Eastward expansion of NATO?  Really?  To where, exactly?

Putin was talking about Poland, Czech R, Hungary, Slovakia, then later the Baltics, all in contradiction of Bush Sr’s solemn promise to Gorbachev never to expand NATO to the east, in exchange for Russia disbanding the Warsaw Block. I don’t blame you for not knowing, you are an economist and know nothing about international affairs, but couldn’t you have googled first?

Here is a bit of history for you. In 1992 the USSR fell apart and Yeltsin, an America-lover, came to power. The American public lost fear of Russia and started clamoring for defense cuts. That would have made the US taxpayers less poor but US military companies, their lobbyists, and the US politicians and journalists in their employ – less wealthy. No other country could fill USSR’s shoes in terms of being a scarecrow. So, the military-industrial complex needed to return Russia to being America’s enemy. This was done by intentionally provoking Yeltsin’s Russia by NATO expansion and then by the rape of Yugoslavia and of the UN charter. It worked. Russians got scared and elected a bigot like Putin. Putin and the US military-industrial complex are the yin-and-yang: they desperately need each other, if one of them falls – the other will too. The classic Unity of opposites:


As I wrote earlier:

Back in 1996 I personally warned the American public in my Usenet posts that NATO’s eastward expansion was designed to provoke Russians into electing an anti-Western demagogue. So did the Cato Institute and many other sane people. The US military-industrial-congressional complex needs a scarecrow to scare the American public into giving up their hard-earned money to the military companies, their lobbyists and their congressmen. Then in 1999 we all warned against the Kosovo war. The public didn’t listen. In 1999-2000 Putin came to power, just as we had warned, and the US taxpayers are now willingly paying $1 trillion per year in various military expenses.

Putin and the American hawks are the yin and yang of modern politics: they need each other to suck the blood and money out of their citizens.


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