Kim, since this article (like other articles in your blog) has been attracting no interest in recent days among commenters other than me, let me make my initial comment after reading the beginning of your article here. I am glad to see your link to the Whitmore article which is alerting the West about the current wave of persecutions and accusations against Navalny in retaliation for his corruption activity:

For somebody facing multiple criminal probes, Aleksei Navalny seems to be having the time of his life. The Investigative Committee has accused the anticorruption blogger of a dizzying series of crimes. “Cases against Navalny have been flying from the pens of investigators like woodchips from a sawmill”. “There have been raids on opposition figures’ homes, the photographs of which look so impressive on the front pages of the federal newspapers. But the investigations have produced no clear evidence of Navalny’s guilt.” Navalny, meanwhile, has been busy producing plenty of clear evidence of apparent law breaking by Russian officials.

The authorities are seeking to discredit Navalny. But the effort is clearly backfiring. Nobody believes the Kremlin is serious about corruption, and Navalny’s stature is only growing as he exposes wrongdoing in high places. “Navalny has changed from a cult blogger…into a figure of federal significance,” Rodionova wrote in “Moskovsky komsomolets.” “Aleksandr Bastrykin’s Investigative Committee is successfully turning him into a legend.”

However, there is little doubt that the Putin regime will do to Navalny what it had done to Khodorkovsky and what Yanukovych had done to Tymoshenko in Ukraine: throw him in the slammer. If that happens, we will compile the Navalny list, consisting of all those who helped Putin throw Navalny in prison by accusing Nvalny of various crimes, be it “theft” or “plagiarism” or “embezzlement”. We shall ask the US Congress to apply sanctions to the hoodlums on this list. Those outside of the US should be banned from entering the US, buying US property and keeping their money here. Those living in the US should be brought on civil charges for slander/libel.

I will try to read and comment on the rest of your article later, when I run out of more interesting stuff, but I hope that your article affirms your anger at Pekhtin and the Russian government corruption and defends Navalny against Putin’s persecution.

And, btw, if you want more than one person (me) read and post to your blog, stay away form internal Russian politics and return to writing something that is of interest to russophobes. Attack Russian and Belarusan sports celebrities. Write another expose on how ugly Sharapova is compared to beauties like you, how Vika Azarenka’s domination of women’s tennis is a “shame”, how all Vika’s victories are pure luck, and how she plays worse tennis than you, even though she is 200 pounds lighter. Or gush about how terrible Russian food is because some list of top 100 restaurants in the World contains only 4 Russian entries. Or re-invite Dave Essel to take a break in his busy racket of selling “motivational” tapes and write something laughable here.

Kim wrote:

> You are obviously suffering from a very profound mental disease… you illiterate ape.

Nice start. Very intelligent, logical and mature. One often hears such argumentation between pre-kindergarten children but never between developed adults, who by the age of 8 learn to let their arguments stand on their own merit, without any need to launch childish ad hominem attacks against their discussion opponents.

> Our source is Kommersant. We linked to it, you illiterate ape.

No, you didn’t, you non-illiterate non-ape. There is currently no mention of Kommersant and no link to any Kommersant articles in any of your posts on this page. Why don’t you edit your earlier posts to include this link. Don’t worry. I have archived the current page. And I will document this dialogue in my own blogs, both the Russian and the English one.

> You obviously don’t read Russian.

That’s an illogical conclusion. Your forgetting to provide a link is totally uncorrelated with my language knowledge. In fact, I am a native Russian speaker (as my first name, my Russian high school diploma and my previous posts attest to), while you know no Russian.

> Once again, having denied you were doing it, you have returned to defending Astakhov and implying there may have been a murder.

I have implied no such thing. Please remind me of my words that gave you the impression that I think that it was intentional murder on the mother’s part. The police have not ruled out murder, but it is more likely that we are dealing with criminal negligence on the mother’s part.


Really? I have not heard of any comments made by the Russian authorities on this case, one way or the other. Who exactly in the Russian government admitted that? Please give the link to the Kommersant article and the quote regarding the apology.

> You are the one using neo-Soviet techniques, simply pivoting from one lie to the next in order to dissemble and protect your beloved dictatorship. Shame on you.

Please give one example of my “lie” here. With quote. Are you confusing my words with those of the Reuters and the Associated Press?

> You are obviously suffering from a very profound mental disease.

You say that just because I haven’t seen any references to any Kommersant articles on this page? Interesting… Accusations of “mental disease” are, of course, a trademark of Soviet psychiatrists, who, for example, “diagnosed” Vladimir Bukovsky with it after they examined him and right before they threw him into a psychiatric ward. The only difference is that you know nothing about diagnosing psychiatric disease (in other people)  and haven’t even figured out that you haven’t posted your Kommersant link yet.


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