Pavel Astakov vs. Kim Zigfeld

> So you’re saying you AGREE it’s valid to assume Putin murdered Litvinenko????

No, quite the opposite. Both you/Krauthammer and Astakhov are wrong in you rush to judgement. I am saying that it is height of hypocrisy to accuse Astakhov of pre-judging the Texas death incident, while wildly accusing Putin of crimes that he didn’t commit, like the murder of Klebnikov and the poisoning of Yushchenko.

> So you’re saying that you find it just as credible that a mother would murder her child as that a proud KGB spy would murder his most vocal and relentless critic, a KGB defector???

I am saying that given that the child died, it is highly likely that the mother is guilty of gross negligence. The possibility of manslaughter on her part (or even murder) is also non-zero. Maybe 5%, with another 50% going to the possibility that fatal blows came from her other adopted son.

On the other hand, the probabilities as to who/what is behind the death of Litvinenko break down as follows (imho):

Some Russian oligarch/KGB mafioso, blackmailed by Litvinenko (no Putin’s knowledge) – 44%
Berezovsky/Goldfarb/Zakayev – 40%
An accident due to a polonium smuggling ring consisting of Lugovoy/Kovtun/Litvineko – 10%
MI-5/6 killing their own agent Litvineko – 2%
Putin/Kremlin ordering a hit on Litvinenko for his activity – 3%

Does it matter to you AT ALL that THE RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT APOLOGIZED for falsely claiming there had been a murder?

1. Who told you that there was NO murder? The investigation has barely started.
2. Has the Russian government ever claimed that there was a murder in this case?
3. When will you and Cabbagehammer apologize for “falsely claiming” that Putin was behind the Klebnikov, Yushchenko and Litvinenko crimes?

> Do you care AT ALL about facts?

Yes. Do you?

> Do you think AT ALL before you write your gibberish?

Yes. Do you?

> Russians … Central heating is lacking in 8% of homes.

So, 92% of Russian homes have central heating? How about USA?

Black renters (76%) are less likely than White and other race renters (89%) to have central heating. Similarly, elderly owners (77%)…

/American Housing Survey, 1991/

> About 11% of homes in cities nationwide do not have a water supply

As of year 2000, 15% of Americans are served by their own wells.[11][12]

> Over 30% of urban housing has yet to be gasified.

According to the American Gas Association, 62 million homes in the U.S are heated using natural gas. As of 2009 this number represented about 56 percent of households in the United States.

> Shocking backwardness


Before Game Is Decided, Superdome Goes Dark

It was not New Orleans’s brightest moment. About 90 seconds into the second half of Sunday’s Super Bowl, the lights on one half of the Superdome’s roof suddenly went out. Internet connections in the press box were cut, and the scoreboards went dark. The roughly 35-minute power failure…

During the 12-month California electricity crisis of 2000–01, there were regular power failures due to energy shortages.[30]

Guardian editorial: PG&E’s system fails again!


This is hardly the first embarrassing PG&E blackout in San Francisco. For the past few years, the private utility’s aging infrastructure has been failing, leaving businesses and residents in the dark.

Power outage disrupts start of San Francisco 49ers game

12/19/11 6:50 PM
SF Examiner

UPDATE: The lights went out again at 6:43 p.m.

Power restored to 18,000 Peninsula customers
Friday, June 29, 2012
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