Letter to John Stossel

Hi John,

As a libertarian, I enjoy your show, although I find it discouraging that you devote little time to the “elephants in the room”, the biggest issues of our time: the lobby-congressional complex, $1 trillion per year wasted on warmongering, and the War on Drugs.

Like most Americans, I am now trying to figure out the right boundaries for our gun ownership and control. How many assault weapons does a citizen need to own in order to defend himself against street robbers? How many thousands of rounds of ammunition should a citizen be allowed to keep in his home in order to shoot a burglar? Certainly, there should be a limit. Should our teachers be allowed to carry guns in school? Probably – yes. Should students? Probably – no. Is the state of Texas endangering its citizens by banning guns in churches, sports arenas, government offices, courts, airports and restaurants serving alcohol, or are these measures sane?

Unfortunately, the “gun freedom” side is shooting itself in the foot by letting people of dubious sanity and intelligence become their spokesmen, like NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre with his notorious paranoid rants against the freedom of Hollywood speech and against the UN: “Americans don’t want to be added to that pile of dead people left defenseless by the UN policies  It’s the most extreme imaginable — It sets up global agencies, data centers, tracking, monitoring, surveillance, supervision…”

Your latest guest – Suzanna Gratia Hupp – is also hardly a good ambassador for the gun lobby. She killed her opponent with the following argument: “If guns are the problem, why haven’t we seen mass shootings at the dreaded gun shows or NRA conventions?” If this were a valid argument, shouldn’t we also allow the free sale of arsenic and other chemicals and prescription drugs, because we never see any poisonings at pharmaceutical conventions and pharmacies, do we? Her next claim: “We only see these mass shootings in places where guns are not allowed” is simply a lie. Take, for example, the 2011 Tucson shooting.

I have also visited the web site of “Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership”, a widely known organization that promotes  assault gun ownership throughout the world; teaches us that if the Jewish civilians had guns during WWII, they would have defeated the German army; and opposes Intifada.  The first question that popped to my mind was: “In the Intifada, Palestinians hurled stones at Israeli soldiers, injuring many. I wonder how many thousands of Israelis would have been killed if the Palestinian civilians used assault guns instead of stones?”


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