Gun Control on the Daily Show

Justin  commented:

Hey John Stewart,

Why didn’t you add that millions of your friends and family were murdered by Nazi Germany. Right after they banned firearms. How about showing more light to the fact genocides happen. They are not fairy tales they are real. But I guess you being Jewish discrediting this would be what? Oh yea a betrayal of your own peoples history. And for the record they were armed with more than muskets they also had cannons. The fact is for their time they were armed with the best military weapons. In light of this maybe we should make it legal for citizens to own F-`6’s and nuclear weapons like our government. No we gave those up along time ago. But the personal weapons of the American citizens such as assault weapons is the last draw. Like Alex Jones Said Get The F Out Redcoat!


I replied:

Dear Justin,

As a Jew, I am honored by your belief that if Jewish civilians had guns, they would have accomplished what the Polish, French and Soviet armies couldn’t: repel the Nazis.

Let me also point out that we, Jews, have accomplished many other miracles throughout our history: part seas, eat manna from heaven, kill giants with a single stone, bring down palaces through our abundant hair growth, walk on water, feed thousands with one loaf of challah, turn water into Manischewitz, etc.


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